For some of the poorest regions of Southern Africa, the advances in today’s treatment of the HIV and AIDS viruses are yet to reach the wider population. One day this will not be an issue, but today, we must do what we can to help.

The Holy Cross Children’s Trust, located in Kwazulu Natal, focuses solely on the children whose lives have been affected in so many ways by the deadly virus, those who are the most vunerable.
Under the direction of Sister Pricilla Dlamini, the charity is able to provide a range of services for children within a 50km radius to ensure not only a future, but a present.
With your help, Sister Priscilla and her extraordinary team of caregivers are able to continue to provide the vital care for the children. Your donations help to give dignity to those who face the most tremendous struggle every day.

Cared for daily from the charity’s creche and nursery; we provide food, clothes and a sense of belonging, with dedicated caregivers to ensure real stability in these hard-to-reach places. To continue to doing this, we rely on the generosity of our donors - together we can vastly improve the quality of life for thousands of children.